Why SSi

Security Systems inc. is an independent, family-owned and operated custom electronic security design and installation company.

We are based out of Midlothian, VA and service Richmond, VA and surrounding areas. Our passion is client education and proper system design. We provide definitive information about how easy the typical system can be defeated and outfit clients with professionally designed systems with practical and affordable countermeasures to the numerous “defeat” techniques.

Our clients are consistently amazed at the grossly inadequate equipment being passed off as “state-of-the-art” systems and the lack of disclosure of common defeat techniques from the highly recognizable industry leaders.

Top 3-Reasons to call Security Systems Inc.

1. As a family run business, someone with a stake in the company’s success and your satisfaction will answer your call.
2. No other security company website or sales representative will disclose the serious deficiencies inherent in every industry standard security alarm system.
3. You will not find another company more passionate about proper system design and correct installation practices, period.

We are unique.

Security Systems inc. provides modified control panels and professional-grade sensor equipment to produce a high-security platform with vastly superior detection and reporting capabilities above the systems marketed by the large regional and national firms. Unlike many security companies, component selection is not based on lowest cost components with reasonable service histories but based on documented UL & EU lab testing certifications possessing exceptional detection performance, immunity from known vulnerabilities, and outstanding life cycle performance.

The security industries prolific marketing on these "Free" mass-market “Piece-Of-Mind-Systems” simply provide sub-standard protection and are only commensurate with low-information highly intimated opportunistic criminals. They have a much higher monthly monitoring rate and a stringent long-term contract. Investment in a properly designed system with reasonable countermeasures to known threats to protect loved ones and assets will ensure a superior performing system with significantly lower cost of ownership over other providers.

Our UL Listed and FM Approved Central Station is rated with the highest 5-Diamond ranking from the Central Station Association of America. Inclusion of secure 4G cellular communication is standard. These organizational distinctions are provided without the requirement of expensive monitoring costs and long-term contracts.