• High-Security Systems Design & Installations

    Bluntly stated- Today's security industry is primarily focused on securing recurring revenue accounts, little more. Due diligence in system design and installation practices is generally not practiced but only referenced and employed during the cold game of acquisitions of one security company of another. As a result, today's standard alarm system both commercially and residentially can be easily defeated. There are numerous simple circumvention techniques available on the internet, instructional videos on YouTube, and other detailed information within nefarious publications. To the skilled and passionate security practitioner there are of course reasonable cost effective countermeasures for each of these system attacks. SSi thoroughly details these circumvention techniques within our system design proposals with line-item specific Threat vs. Countermeasure equipment listings.

  • UL Listed Central Station Monitoring

    There are thousands of central stations within the US. Most are without UL certification, and far fewer hold a 5-Diamond certification from the Central Station Association of America. SSi central station is UL listed and maintains a 5-Diamond Rating.

  • Vulnerability Assessments

    As technology continues to progress many existing systems become more vulnerable to defeat and most lack interactive capabilities to keep you informed of status changes within your protected property. Typical industry sales consultations most often lack full disclosure as to their equipment's built-in limitations or flaws. SSi can thoroughly inspect and test for proper functionality as well as make recommendations for improvements within existing systems as well as properly design and propose systems for new applications.

  • Camera Systems

    Surveillance systems are the fastest growing segment of the security arena. Huge improvements in video quality and storage systems and decreasing cost of ownership are accelerating not only commercial use but residential applications as well. SSi can design and install professional grade equipment for your premises with on-site as well as vastly more secure cloud-based storage system options for remote access to historic files, live video streams, as well as pairing of real-time video verification to Access Control events.

  • Access Control Systems

    Control of who can simply walk-in to your business or residence is becoming a mainstream application. Small businesses as well as large corporate entities need to manage access for a variety of reasons. Security is just one of the functionalities of these systems; they can provide great insights into productivity and can effectively leverage your management decisions with documented operational awareness for the entire premise especially when paired with an accompanying video clip.

  • Systems Integration

    Integration of Security, Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Energy Management all within one platform and one easy to use application can be achieved within our offerings. No need for multiple vendors and finger pointing on which vendor needs to support the other. No IT department support or coordination of internet port opening and forwarding thru your system firewalls to complicate the implementation of a scalable integration platform.